Manukai Handboards are crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii,  at Mahi’ai Creative Studio, out of broken surfboards and old wetsuits. We market available handboards in stock on our online store as well as posting special deals on instagram. If you are interested in ordering a custom board, please check out our studio’s custom order page!

Koloa – The Sea Duck

Size: 14″ x 7.25″
Skill Level: Beginning to Advanced
About: The larger size of the Koloa means it’s faster, with more surface area, so you can actually catch waves on days where the surf seem non-existent. While it works great in mushy shorebreak – it also performs well in bigger barreling waves. It just takes a little more work to get it out back in the big stuff. This handboard can make the worst waves and closeout barrels rideable and fun. You will leave the beach STOKED. This board pictured also has a white fabric inlay, which is one of our additional options. Link to Order page.

We named this model after a koloa that we surfed with at our homebreak on the Big Island. It was a big, windy swell, and this crazy duck came out and cruised in the lineup for a good hour, duck diving, fishing, and enjoying the storm more than anyone else out there. Koloa Maoli, Hawaii’s native duck, has been a part of the ecosystem of the Hawaiian Islands for tens of thousands of years. It is unique to these remote islands – found nowhere else on Earth. Like many native species it is threatened with extinction from the combined forces of habitat loss, introduced predators, historic overhunting, etc (the list goes on), but is unusual in that it faces an additional threat – that of hybridization (or cross-breeding).

Malolo – The Flying Fish

Size: 12″ x 7.25″
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
About: If you want to have just one handboard to throw in your trunk along with your fins, the Malolo is the one! Generally shaped with a fish tail,  this board is small enough for easy maneuvering in bigger waves, but also has enough volume for great buoyancy & lift, and less drag. The fuller volume results in easier wave catching, yet it’s still easy to swim with. The Malolo is great for intermediate as well as seasoned bodysurfers – in both softer AND hollower waves. Link to Order page.

Hawaiian flying fishes, malolo are sleek and quick creatures notorious for jumping out of the water and “flying” a great distance before diving back in. A recent study found that malolo can glide over the water’s surface as competently as some seabirds.



‘Iwa – The Wave Thief

Size: 11.5″ x 7″
Skill Level: Advanced
About: The ‘Iwa is low-volume handboard for a more advanced bodysurfer and is shaped with a wingpin tail, unless ordered otherwise. It has aprox the same width and length of the Malolo, but with less foam, meaning a faster swim getting out in larger waves, and less strain on your arm and shoulder. Smaller handboards have less surface area and work better in bigger more hollow and powerful waves. The better you get, the more you’ll like this one.     Link to Order page.

One of the seabirds we often see in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands are ‘iwa, or great frigate birds. They are consummate flyers, and can soar, dive, turn on a dime, and use their long powerful hooked beak to snatch food from the water, ground or while on the wing. Their Hawaiian name, “iwa” means thief and refers to one of the more colorful behaviors of these birds.



Nehu – The Shorebreak Silverfish

Size: 10″ x 7″
Skill Level: Beginning to Advanced
About: The Nehu is our smallest handboard, designed for shorebreak conditions and competition tricks! It’s smaller, thinner size allows for quick in & outs, easy paddling, and high maneuverability for tricks. While this would be considered our “pro” board, it’s also perfect for smaller hands, or those simply preferring a smaller board. Link to Order page.

The next time you are out in the shorebreak and a school of little silver fish streak past and maybe jump your board, those are the Nehu. Quick as lightning, they surf and leap the waves in large schools.